4 benefits of being an Associate with a Talent Solutions provider

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The brightest tech talent drives great results – that’s why we’re proud to work with some of the most talented engineers, architects, and data experts in the industry at our consultancy. As tech business booms, we’re open to skilled freelancers and tech professionals joining our roster as Associates and supporting us towards working towards tech transformation and clear deliverables for our clients.

From our recruitment business, we see the market shifting with a growing emphasis on professionals wanting to work on the most exciting projects in tech but having a degree of freedom over where and how to work.

We also see the value of offering a service and working in a more outcome-based way as the future for contractors and freelancers navigating IR35, remote work for clients, and more.

That’s why our newly launched consultancy, Understanding Solutions, encompasses all of the above for the benefit of Associates and our business partners and is dedicated to delivering tangible change and embedding new ways of working for clients.

"At Understanding Solutions, we only work with the highest performing professionals (thanks to our relationships as a leading tech recruiter) and we want to engage with the best,” states Tom Rankin, Head of Consulting and Understanding Solutions, discussing our work with Associates.

“The projects we’re running are extremely innovative, as we’re working with clients that give us really interesting work to our Associates on a recurring basis.”

4 perks of working as an Associate with our Talent Solutions consultancy:

1. Work Flexibly


Take charge of your projects, your own services and how you deliver them. Working with us as an Associate in this way allows you just to focus on delivering the work, minus an over-arching senior person managing you.

Our Associates just have to focus on delivering the top level of work within the scope of what we’re working towards for the progress of a project; “wherever you would like to work and at what times is up to you,” adds Tom. Unlike a typical 5-day contracting week, we don’t expect you to be ‘online’ all the time but be making clear progress to the project deliverables – we truly value the quality of work not how long it takes.


2. Clear Objectives & Structure


Our outcome-based approach means everyone has a clear vision of deliverables and what needs to be achieved prior to and throughout a project, as we govern it. Our process means ahead of any project we have determined what needs to be delivered and the agreed quality metrics with our clients, as part of our Statement of Work (SOW) and service agreement. You won’t be moved off projects ad hoc, as the individual team we put in place for a project is the team that finishes it.

The latest tech also powers our service management, providing detailed reporting for us and our clients, meaning our Associates can focus on spending time on what they’re great at.


3. Exciting Projects & Recognising Market Value


Our reputation in the tech recruitment market means some of the most exciting names in tech already work with us – including start-ups, scale-ups and household names – and are coming to us with transformation projects involving the latest technologies to fully utilise your skillset.

We always initially want to find out your work ambitions what you’re passionate about, alongside your experience, so we can offer you the opportunities that are most appealing to you. If deployed in a team, we work hard to build a cohesive group of like-minded individuals and keep our squads together for other projects.

With over a decade of working closely with developers, we know your worth and the current market appetite for talent and ensure you are compensated accordingly. We only engage with partners we trust to complete a piece of work, and we have 15 years’ experience of creating legal arrangements with clients.


4. No IR35 Compliance Headache


On average, freelancers who have transitioned to ‘inside’ IR35 contracts are 30% worse off according to market reports. “Working with us as an Associate means you’re legitimately working ‘outside’ IR35 contracts as a consultant,” says Tom. We ensure being IR35 compliant is not a headache, because all our Associates work in a service contract with outlined deliverables and milestones.

“We only work to provide services and only want you as an Associate to provide services to our clients regardless of the project you’re working on, so you don’t have to worry about ‘inside’ or ‘out’ and that’s a positive from working with us.”


Join Us

“If you’re interested in working on very advanced projects, working to defined outcomes and timelines, this is the perfect time for you to join us on our journey,” summarises Tom.

“We’re keen to add to our roster of talented engineers, managers and architects to work in collaborative partnership with us, to deliver exceptional service to our clients.”

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