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We’re on a mission to improve how interim and project resource is delivered. Our goal is to ensure our clients save time and money when achieving the outcomes their business needs. Our approach is elegantly straightforward: we combine the world's finest tech talent with a precisely defined and skilfully executed service, resulting in the timely and budget-conscious achievement of your goals.


As specialists in helping clients succeed, our impressive track record in truly understanding client challenges enables us to deliver tailor-made, cost-effective solutions that deliver the right outcomes without added complexity or overheads.


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The following Service Models are available across any of our Solution offerings, built to deliver exactly what our clients need:



Our advisory services offer precise expertise on the most effective approach to achieve your desired goals and outcomes.


Tell me how



Our augmentation services goes one step further by blending in advisory expertise. We bring in expert 'horsepower' to ensure timely and budget-friendly delivery, all while reducing overheads.


Help me deliver

Total Project Ownership


Our TPO service is fully-inclusive. We not only guide and augment, but also take full ownership for ensuring complete success, all while you retain full control.


Deliver for me
Service Excellence

Ensuring performance, quality & costs through transparency!


Underpinning every engagement, regardless if it's an individual or a team, our Service Delivery Team is on-hand to ensure we deliver precisely what was agreed by monitoring and managing the outputs from our expert associates to significantly improve costs, time, and risk of success. Through pioneering technology we establish total transparency and accountability of what we’re doing, at every stage, all accessible via a dedicated Client Portal for added peace of mind & confidence in what our teams are delivering is on-time, on-budget and on-target.

Meet The Team

Individual Expertise

This option is ideal when you require an individual contractor and seek both value for your investment and tangible results. Whether you need outcomes or an individual, rest assured, we have you fully covered!


  • Guaranteed the best talent within their field
  • Specific knowledge directly related to your industry and challenges
  • Saves you time while we manage resource effectiveness so you don't have to
  • Proactively solve any delivery issues to ensure smooth delivery
  • Risk reduced through shared ownership
  • Improved oversight of performance through regular project reports
  • Ensure contractors are not unfairly rewarded for taking longer to deliver outcomes
  • Track progress & reporting via dedicated Client Portal

Teams as a Service

A fully scalable team of experts will be designed and deployed based on the requirements for your project & business. The beauty of this solution is the expertise can scale and change as needed to ensure maximum cost control.


  • Fully scalable teams mobilised in 72 hours (where possible we deploy teams with prior experience of working together)
  • Our associates are in the top 2% of their field
  • Significant overhead reduction in managing team output
  • Project success is increased through improved collaboration & awareness
  • Inclusive knowledge sharing and transfer to your internal resources
  • True transparency on project progress: Everything documented, tracked & visible via our Client Portal
  • Performance optimisation included as standard
  • Service Delivery Manager included 


Project-to-Product (P-to-P) guarantees precise project delivery from the outset, mitigating the potential for extensive rework in the future. It's also perfect where clients need to deliver quickly but aspire to transition to in-house in the future.

This option also secures access to the most exceptional resources for your project at any point in time, ensuring unparalleled quality and efficiency.


  • Most effective way for delivery of new projects 
  • Full end-to-end service reduces time and money in delivering projects and hiring long-term resource
  • Utilise the very best skills to initially establish project momentum
  • FTE sourcing run in parallel with greater impact and less chance of churn
  • Possibility to save on FTE rates once ‘heavy lifting’ is done by hiring BAU specific resource
  • Fully inclusive on-boarding & knowledge sharing for total continuity of delivery
  • Everything is documented and tracked in a dedicated Client Portal which FTE has access to for total clarity
  • Service Management oversight to steer project outputs toward ideal FTE hiring
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the hybrid advantage

Why we're different

We're often asked how our solutions differ from 'pure' market players. As a Hybrid Consultancy, we take pride in excelling across the talent spectrum through inclusive service management. Our roots in recruitment grant us unmatched access to top-tier talent swiftly. We've adapted, adopting elements of 'traditional consultancies' by taking on delivery responsibilities and essential services without the hefty fees.


A comparison of our position is below:

Key Benefits

  • Access to Expert Talent
  • Time Tracking
  • Cost Effectiveness
  • Risk Management
  • Defined Outcomes & Costs
  • Quality Controls
  • Agility & Scalability Within 5 Days
  • Fully Inclusive Service Manager
  • Dedicated Project Delivery Portal
  • Internal Team Knowledge Transfer
  • Vetted & Tested Associate Network
  • Track Effectiveness & Progress

Pure Recruitment

Pure Consultancy

Understanding Solutions

Here to support you

IR35 Compliance

At Understanding Solutions, we recognise that the introduction of IR35 legislation has created challenges for HR and legal departments looking to hire flexible workforces. By ensuring IR35 liability through working as the ‘fee payer’ and ‘hirer’ to offer ‘fully contracted-out service’ in accordance with HMRC, we aim to take this stress away from you. We are well versed in issuing status determination statements and managing IR35 status disputes, making sure that ensuring working practices align with the pre-defined outcomes agreed in our statement of work. 

Our other brands

Discover the collective strength of the Understanding Recruitment Group Portfolio of employee-owned brands collaborating to deliver exceptional talent solutions to pioneering markets.

Understanding Recruitment

Tech Recruitment Experts

Understanding Recruitment, headquartered in St. Albans, England, is the go-to destination for technology staffing. With expertise in Biotechnology, Artificial Intelligence, and Web3, their team of over 90 recruiters seamlessly connect organizations with top-tier talent and empower tech professionals to discover their perfect fit in the ever-evolving tech industry across the UK, Europe, and the USA. Specialists in:

  • Biotech
  • Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
  • Web3, Blockchain & Crypto
  • Rust & Zero Knowledge
  • DevOps, Cloud & SRE
  • Java, JavaScript, Python, Golang, .NET
  • Software Development Lifecycle 
  • Product Management
View Understanding Recruitment
Understanding Recruitment NFP

Not-For-Profit Recruitment Experts

Since 2012, Understanding Recruitment NFP has been committed to revolutionizing the tech talent landscape within the not-for-profit sector, empowering organizations to thrive in an increasingly digital world. They are positioned at the forefront of bridging the gap between forward-thinking entities within the Charity, Not-For-Profit, and Public Sector and top-tier talent in:

  • Digital
  • Big Data
  • Technology
  • Engineering
  • Change & Transformation
View Understanding Recruitment NFP
Acceler8 Talent

Building Futures in Artificial Intelligence

As pioneers of the future, Boston based Acceler8 Talent ignites pathways for visionary tech startups and corporate giants, actively shaping the next-gen technology landscape across Boston, the Bay Area, Texas, and beyond. Their expertise spans: 

  • AI & Machine Learning
  • Semiconductor & Chip Design
  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Quantum Computing
  • Silicon Photonics 
View Acceler8 Talent
Futerra Talent

GreenTech Talent Solutions

Futerra Talent is driven by a mission to foster positive change, linking forward-thinking US companies in the Future Mobility, Clean Energy, Energy Storage, and Smart Energy sectors with top-tier senior to C-level talent. Their focus centres on supporting innovative and environmentally responsible technologies that will shape the future of the planet. They accomplish this by bridging the gap between exceptional Greentech talent and mission-driven, innovative companies.

View Futerra Talent

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