Bulb Case Study

5 mins

Bulb Energy, a UK renewable energy supplier, encountered challenges upon entering special administration due to the pandemic and geopolitical events, resulting in key team members departing. Understanding Solutions intervened by deploying 43 digital experts within 15 days to enhance software products, offer guidance, and ensure smooth collaboration. This swift action resulted in a 93% expert retention rate, saving Bulb from recruitment hassles and time loss, all while improving services.

Client Overview

Bulb Energy was a UK-based renewable energy supplier and energy technology company. Founded in 2015, Bulb aimed to provide affordable, renewable energy to consumers while reducing carbon emissions. The company offered 100% renewable electricity and 100% carbon-neutral gas to its customers.

The Challenge

Following its entry into special administration in late 2021, prompted by the dual challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic and the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Bulb confronted a significant exodus within its existing team. Unfortunately, this departure of key personnel hindered Bulb's capacity to not only provide top-tier services but also to innovate new products and enhance existing offerings in order to effectively address the evolving demands of its valued customers.

The Solution

Understanding Solutions proposed the augmentation of a team of 43 digital experts to take care of and improve the software products that were already in use. Our associates also provided independent guidance and helpful advice to the business on areas of improvement. Understanding Solutions embedded into Bulb's existing processes, through agile ceremonies, daily stand-ups and planning sessions. Understanding Solutions would promote collaboration, good engineering practices, define strategic goals, and ways to achieve them at Bulb.

With the key stakeholders at Bulb lacking time, our Client Engagement Manager tracked against deliverables using our bespoke management portal. This meant that Understanding Solutions could validate the quality of the work, in line with exactly what Bulb required.


Understanding Solutions efficiently delivered the skilled professionals within just 15 business days from the start of the engagement, and an impressive 93% of them remained dedicated throughout the entire project.

Thanks to the remarkable quality of Understanding Solutions' Associate network, Bulb was relieved from the need to go through the process of hiring these experts, ultimately preserving precious time for their management team.

Key Outcomes

  • Understanding Solutions deployed 43 digital experts within 15 days
  • 93% of our associates remained for the duration of the project
  • Bulb avoided having to go through the recruitment process or using costly contractors